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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
You ask for proof he was sponsored by Adidas - well let's look at it another way. Why don't you prove why he isn't? You can't, so stop transferring your daytime middle-management hand-nose sales attitude to an area as if you're an expert in sponsorship of sporting goods.

We've been through nonsense time and time again with you calling me Junior and trying to browbeat me into saying what I do and I haven't for one good reason - because it's way more fun to see you come back again and again like a red bull to a rag as if you're mr know-it-all on everything related to Djokoivc.

I am in Marketing for the most profitable BU of a multi-billion company,so, I know a little bit about the Marketing stuff...
How about you, you are still hiding it. Why?
I never claimed I knew everything about Djokovic, far from it, however, I can certainly claim I know more about him than you do...
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