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Originally Posted by tistrapukcipeht View Post

not anti Bab, but very honest how I felt about their racquets, I won't say the same about their strings, very good strings, but these 2 racquets I demoed are the very worse.

I test drove a Mercedes C250 and a Mercedes E350, big difference between the 2, even bigger difference it is to my VW Passat, which isn't a bad car.

So comparing Yonex to Babolat now I got this conclusion it is like comparing the E350 to a GM car, that much difference in comfort and performance.

I was actually going to apply to the TW play test, but I saw that it was even stiffer than before, so I gave up on it, is getting colder and last thing I wanna do is get injured.

Anyway, can you compare the VCore Xi 100 with Ezone Xi, and also Vcore 98D with VCore Xi 98D?

I appreciated!

When I was using the 98D i found it to feel a little too stiff in the upper hoop. Its a difficult thing for me to fully explain it was like the frame had no real sweet spot. The new version of this frame plays smoother. I really notice a big jump in comfort even though the specs remain the same. I felt like the ball was able to stay on the strings much longer which for me made it a much more enjoyable frame to play with. Its still firm and responsive , just more comfortable.

I'm still considering my thoughts on the new 100s. I'm not sure if its better or not lol.

Hope that helps.
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