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For pure serve and volleyers, many land on their right leg (for righties). It does help you get into the court and up to the net faster.
Michael Stich served that way as well as Becker and many of the old serve and volleyers.

Serve and volleyers bring their back foot through and get to the net faster. Some have a little hop and land on their front foot (Sampras, Rusedski), some don't and land on their back foot after it comes through (Becker, Stich).
These are similar and both different than a serve like Roddick or Sharapova where the back foot actually kicks up behind the body. This forces the landing to be on the front foot, but also stops the forward momentum. This can be an advantage to a baseliner, so they don't get caught up in the court and can stay at the baseline more easily. (Edberg actually does this but his front foot lands way into the court in a running motion).

The Sharpova motion is like a baseball pitcher, the Stich motion is like a football punter - with the upper body and the leg being pulled forward by the core of the body. Both can give a tremendous amount of force into the ball. One is not inherently better than the other in terms of the serve itself.

If you are intent on serving and volleying, it is probably an advantage. If not, it doesn't matter much.

If you get enough force in your serve your front foot will come off the ground at least a bit, regardless of which foot you land on.

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