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Originally Posted by Gonzalito17 View Post
Borelli you need to be able to handle a pusher an their offspeeds, it will make you a more complete player. You must be able to handle anything thrown at you, not just good pace. Agree the drop shot is an important play. But to beat pushers I believe you have to be able to push also, you need to have this aspect in your arsenal. It's a great feeling to have the confidence that you can play 50-75 shots. Beat the pusher at his own game. If you can do that you are a more complete player. Of course you need to be able to mix it up and hit winners and targets, that's always nice but the key to tennis is variety and being able to mix it up, controlling the ball. One dimensional tennis is in most cases going to fail to beat a pusher. Unless you are like a pro and can fire winners all over the place. One dimensional player should work on their pushing game, it will make them more complete players. It will not be a step backwards. You need to have many weapons in your arsenal.
Don't worry, I get to play plenty of pushers throughout the year Just not my preferred style of the game. I really enjoy the game being played at a fast pace with well struck shots. I also think the game looks a lot better from a spectator view if the guys aren't paddy caking and shanking. Not that I can't push the ball back and forth if need be, It just doesn't do anything for me.
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