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Hello all,
Moved to Houston from Austin 2 months ago. My tennis play has been really lacking and I'm in need of advice. In Austin, I often played in group clinics and drills at Caswell Tennis Center and South Austin Tennis Center. I loved these because they were affordable and easy. I'm a strong 4.0, but don't really care about the quality of others if I could find a good clinic to drop in on.

I have a strange work schedule and have free time in the weekdays in the mornings or afternoon.
Memorial Park would be perfect if they had weekly drills or cardio tennis, I just want to run around and hit tennis balls basically.

Can anyone give me advice if there are group clinics in Houston like this? I live off Westheimer and Sheoherd, but would be willing to drive a mild distance to hit. I'm aware of the Galleria Club and other private tennis clubs, but would love to find an affordable place.
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