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Default Thoughts on Tennis Balls:an Australian Perspective

There are many threads out there reviewing and discussing tennis balls, and a lot of the info in those threads is very useful so a general thank you. What is posted here is actually helpful to a lot of people.
But here in Australia, its kinda unbelievable how much we have to pay for tennis balls. I hear guys talking about buying cans of Penns from Walmart for $2. For any level of quality, that is ridiculous to me.
Here you pay, for a 4 ball can at 95% of retailers a minimum of $10.
Does anyone know why there is that price differential? It isnt 1975; almost no balls are manufactured in the USA. They are made in China. And so the shipping costs to the US are if anything greater than those encountered when shipping to Australia.
I'd love to see some downward pressure on the prices of tennis stuff (inc apparel and shoes: barricades can cost $185 or more here).
Also, I've bought almost every single type of tennis ball available here. Including of course, the Slazengers that have a the tag of being the best in Aus. And there is no argument: Penns hold their bounce the longest and play the best.
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