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Originally Posted by Sabratha View Post
Did he say "Djokovic plays aggressive tennis against everybody"? No. He did not, he said "we both play aggressive tennis"; which could mean they both have to switch to that kind of tennis when playing each other because being defensive is ineffective. "Djokovic is at his most lethal on hard courts. A take-charge service return and an aggressive ground game enable him to push opponents back and batter them into submission."

Originally Posted by BeHappy View Post
defensive pusher tennis
Your opinion is irrelevant because you are not a tennis expert.

Originally Posted by DRII View Post
You, and your interpertation of Federer's opinion, are out numbered; regardless of your insults!

There are many pros, or as you say tennis experts, who would classify Nole as a great defensive player vs being a 'natural attacker'...
Have you got proof that many tennis experts regard Djokovic as a defensive player?

Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Djokovic is probably a more defensively great baseliner than offensive
Your opinion is irrelevant because you are not a tennis expert.
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