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Originally Posted by jokinla View Post
So I'm supposed to believe that after being dumped by Adidas for Murray, Djoker continues to wear their product for free, and allows them to use his image in print ads, for free, no money, zip, zilch, nada, good one, and you said you work in marketing, funny. The proof is everywhere, in print ads, on websites stating such, most importantly on his feet winning slams, not sure what more you need, perhaps a video of Djoker at Adidas signing a contract and then cashing a check, BAHAHAHA, sorry, did it again, anyway you stick to your theory, marketing guy, wannabe doctor, whatever, seems obvious who knows what they're talking about.
Your little wannabe funny Comments make your arguments look so stupid, you have no idea. "wannabe doctor" - where did this come from, smart guy? I assume seeing "Dr" in my nick, which is my name initials lead your little brain to that conclusion, right?
I'd suggest you stay out of this discussion since you don't have what it takes to participate...
Btw, Djokovic dumped Adidas, not the other way around
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