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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
Already explained why. Because it's more fun this way. It allows people with browbeating approaches to forming a persuasive viewpoint to run free.

You have, but in not so many words, on many occasions.

So far as Djokovic I have no doubt you know more about him than me. In terms of sports marketing you've shown a pretty elementary view of how things could, should or do work - one which has kept me amused on a few occasions.

What would I know though, I've only worked in global-brand advertising/marketing strategy for 20 years?

I am not sure I believe.your last comment since you mentioned once that you were in your 30s. You either lied about your age, your experience or you believe you are THAT good. Reading your comments on this board, I assume it is the last one which is lying to yourself and to others...

Btw, still waiting on your 20-yr experienced explanation what happened to the world's #4 before signing up with Adidas? Was his contract so flexible to allow him to wear Niles at some slams as he wanted?
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