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Just wanted to renew this wonderful post on a spectacular and special match. It might be possible that a few recent viewers may have missed this post.

Just finished another viewing of the match and the layers upon layers of talent, atmosphere, and story lines have been well mentioned.

The crowd reaction and appreciation for the match is as genuine as I have witnessed. You can tell that they "knew" how remarkable this moment was. What an arena, what a tradition, what players... The endless standing ovation, on and on and on, is matched by only one other situation in my viewing. Connors again - when he retires against Chang at RG, the crowd is standing and cheering long after he leaves the court...

As to Connors and his sportsmanship, he was on good behavior and he smiled and joked quite a bit, but I did sense that he knew Newk's reputation for tactical smarts and getting into a competitor's head. Newk just stared at Connors as Connors threw that point and the crowd cheered. Oh, to know what both of these champions were really thinking... More than a few times, Connors motioned the racket butt up and single digit to the crowd - the cheering continued...

Thanks for this great, great post...
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