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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
Also, how soon can you get into pool? You can swim without using much of your legs.
He didn't say and I failed to ask him about it. Unfortunately I don't have access to a pool. Excellent idea though!

Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly View Post
This would be a good opportunity to work on your shoulders (thrower's 10 and other exercises), abs, lower back, hips and other parts of your upper body. If you don't have access to something like this you might try various types of arms swings and cycling motions with moderate or lightweight dumbbells.

Would you be allowed to perform some leg exercises that do not require much, if any, knee bending or impact the knee joints? Perhaps you could work on the muscles of your calves, shins and feet with exercises like toe-raisers. Probably be a good idea to work on your hip flexors as well.
Yea, I think working on my shoulders would be a great idea...maybe it will help me get my serve over 50 mph when I return to the game

The only thing he said I could do for sure on my left leg was use a Knee CPM machine to keep it moving some. Other than that he said all weight off of it for 6 weeks.

The only thing I really have convenient access to is dumbbells from 5 to 40 pounds.

I definitely need to work my hips...currently having pain in the left one. Not sure if it's from not using that leg much over the past 5 weeks or from the popping in it that typically occurs when I pull my knee towards my chest and then extend it back out.

If possible, I would like to work on some stretches to increase flexability - my lack of flexability is something my doc fusses at me for every year when I'm getting my physical.

I appreciate all the help.

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