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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
Give it a rest drop-kick. Worked in agency while studying, worked for years, studied again while working in another agency.... just shy of 20. Close enough for most people I imagine.

You are such an unmitigated blow-hard on this topic it's beyond funny man - especially when you post pretty reasonably elsewhere on the forum. Typical of someone who is so cocksure of themselves always banging on about how experienced they are, how big the company they work for is, how bla bla bla. No-one cares and it makes no difference to your desperate desire to be some paternal overseer on all things related to Djokovic.

As I said earlier, the reason why I hadn't put what I did - and I haven't yet in any detail (nor have you - but I know you've got a background in sales by the way you approach every situation) - is I don't give two hoots what you think of me. For all I know you dress up as a ninja or wear Djokovic pyjamas to get your jollies. It. Means. Nothing. To. Me.... other than having a good laugh every time you espouse your musings on something which for a fact you cannot be certain about. The entire topic is merely people comparing their views, related examples and experiences to work out what is/maybe going on. The fact you are so completely sure of your position when it barely makes commercial sense, and despite the elementary level example you've used (re: lack of website mentions etc) which you've repeated ad nauseum in attempts to bolster your view is pretty hilarious. You literally wont concede a single point on the topic and yet think your own broad strokes analogies cannot be faulted.

I, and Jokinla, have posited many reasonable examples and anecdotes related to sponsorship - some of which will be wrong and some which will be right and others in-between, but you simply wont accept any of them.

I'd like to say this is the last I have to say in this thread, but it probably wont be.
lol, lol, lol.

Bobby Jr is one of my favorite posters here and very reasonable to all his opinions.

Bobby you're very patient with this guy, you're trying to make gold out of sand.

Everybody knows and is reasonable to think He gets sponsorship money from Adidas, He would not wear Adidas shoes for free!! specially considering how many problems with the shoes He has had this year, slipping frequently on clay courts {Madrid(yeah almost everybody did), RG} and many other places where He looked uncomfortable and irritated with his footing partly or all related to the shoes. Why would he wear those shoes for free?? Just to get them because He can't get shoes for free from some other company? Laughable at this point.

Anyway if he didn't understand by now it looks like he won't get it no matter what.
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