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When I was using the 98D i found it to feel a little too stiff in the upper hoop. Its a difficult thing for me to fully explain it was like the frame had no real sweet spot. The new version of this frame plays smoother. I really notice a big jump in comfort even though the specs remain the same. I felt like the ball was able to stay on the strings much longer which for me made it a much more enjoyable frame to play with. Its still firm and responsive , just more comfortable.

I'm still considering my thoughts on the new 100s. I'm not sure if its better or not lol.

Hope that helps.
I'll have to demo both, and see how they go against the Ezone Xi, for sure the VCore 100S I didn't think it was as great great as the Ezone Xi, 98D was very good, but I like the Xi feel better, 98D was more accurate and amazing at hitting winners, whippy and powerful for killing points.
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