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Originally Posted by tennisdad65 View Post
did not think this would be such a squeaky topic..

I did watch the same 2 guys play again even more carefully, and this time 100% confirmed my previous observation, that the guy is doing it on purpose, and his friend just plays on without any problem .

There is no squeaking when he goes to the net (split step) and volley. There is no squeaking during his service return and there is no squeaking when he takes small steps to hit ground strokes, and running all over for balls. It is only when he is moving back to the center after hitting a groundstroke that he does it, precisely at the time that his friend is getting ready to hit.

I agree that it is very difficult to prove, but I think a ref would warn the guy in a ref'ed match.
I think the actual productive thing to take out if this thread has nothing to do with whether there is a hindrance or not. Instead of worrying about that, I think we'd all be better off figuring out how to handle it (and plenty of other things like it) like the opponent did. Let's say the squeaking is intentional and is meant to distract his opponent. How frustrating it must be for the guy to waste all that energy when his opponent doesn't even seem to notice?

In general I have often thought that the best response (if possible) to many acts of gamesmanship is to just no give it a 2nd thought (or even a 1st one if you can help it). If they are really trying to get to you somehow, the only real response that thwarts them is no response. Oftentimes, they aren't even trying anything so sinister as that anyways, and it's just an honest quirk or something. Even if it is intentional, if you just ignore it and keep playing as you would have otherwise you've still likely come upon the best solution to the matter.

I mean, in this case, its silly squeaking shoes. Get over it.
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