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Your opinion is irrelevant because you are not a tennis expert.
LOL and you think YOU are. Apparently you cant read, I was actually defending Djokovic's offensive abilities by saying he was very good offensively as well as defensively, moreso than others on this thread were saying. So if that apparently isnt good enough for you, what the heck do you want someone to say, that he is even better an attacker than defender. You truly are a blind Djokovic fanatic if that is the case, even his other ardent fans on this forum (the sane ones) like Ripster and Towser and others wouldnt say that. As for what experts think name me one single expert on the planet who says Djokovic is a greater attacking player than defensive one. Good luck, you will need it (barring making something up). PS- McEnroe calling Djokovic the best returner ever does not equate to calling him a better attacking player than defender, sorry.

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