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Originally Posted by Hominator View Post
Hmm, I think perhaps stiff wasn't the right word to use, since stiff has many negative connotations. By stiff, I mean crisp and not flexy.

Compared to the X10, the Dunlop has a more crisp feel, but its equally arm-friendly. In fact, the uniform hoop response upon contact is very similar. I spent the last 5 minutes or so of my practice, hitting out, just for fun, and I couldn't feel the stick flex at all. Still, my arm felt completely fine.

Sorry, I've never hit with any Blades.
Thanks for clarifying that for me, Hominator, and sorry for splitting hairs.

If it's more crisp than the X10s, then I won't need to bother. I have to have some noticeable flex. My choices are severely limited, so I'll try to keep stocking up on my frame.
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