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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
glad you asked a follow up. that was my intention hehe.

squash shot is a last ditch effort shot. used when that's the only way you can get the racquet on the ball. totally stretched out. no other shot is possible. or can be used when you are a little bit lazy or winded from being pulled on a string for a few shots.

running forehand is used when on a dead run and you have time to hit an aggressive shot either 3/4 angle or dtl. you have time to transfer weight into the shot maybe some angular momentum etc.
running forehands can be very powerful.

they are different situations. if you are using a squash shot when you could be using a running fh then you are lazy, winded, have poor footwork or need more understanding of the game.


I don't agree with your last paragraph, just because you use a squash shot instead of a running forehand even though you had time to hit either does not necessarily mean any of your examples are true.

A running forehand that pulls you out of position and becomes a do or die shot depending on the situation can be a foolish choice. The squash shot makes it so much easier to recover and restart the point.

The squash shot can be a very effective shot, there are times I use it in a neutral top spin rally just to change the pace and throw my opponent off. But in most cases it is used because your opponent has made a good shot that has pulled you out of position, and it is a lot higher % shot than trying to hit the running forehand. Like the saying goes consistent tennis wins.
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