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Originally Posted by tistrapukcipeht View Post

not anti Bab, but very honest how I felt about their racquets, I won't say the same about their strings, very good strings, but these 2 racquets I demoed are the very worse.

I test drove a Mercedes C250 and a Mercedes E350, big difference between the 2, even bigger difference it is to my VW Passat, which isn't a bad car.

So comparing Yonex to Babolat now I got this conclusion it is like comparing the E350 to a GM car, that much difference in comfort and performance.

I was actually going to apply to the TW play test, but I saw that it was even stiffer than before, so I gave up on it, is getting colder and last thing I wanna do is get injured.

Anyway, can you compare the VCore Xi 100 with Ezone Xi, and also Vcore 98D with VCore Xi 98D?

I appreciated!
Not anti Babolat? A quick look at your posting history and it looks like most of your day is spent making negative comments about them. For someone that doesn't like them you seem to have a strange obsession with them. You had a better chance of winning the US Open than getting picked by TW to playtest the new APD, lol.
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