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Ashe could serve harder in his early years, but he had developed a nasty serve wide to Connors' doublehander from the right court in 1975. That gave him many easy volleys, if the ball came back alltogether.
I guess you could say the wide slice serve was one way in which Ashe took his game beyond power. Yet it's different from the "junk" that we think of when we talk about the change in Ashe's game. We usually think of the off-pace shots that he threw at Jimmy. But the wide serve was a weapon that Ashe probably would have used against Connors on a grasscourt regardless of any plan to use off-pace "junk". It's just an effective weapon against any two-hander.

Borg had a lot of success with that serve against Connors in the '78 final.

I would love to see a breakdown like statisticians do today, where you would see how many points Ashe won or lost with his wide serve, and how he did serving to other locations.
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