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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
I rate him behind Nadal at this point and I do not believe Nadal is a GOAT candidate right now, so no. Gonzales, Laver, and Federer are probably the only 3 serious GOAT candidates. I guess Rosewall could be for people who value longevity a huge amount, but he could be barely in or right out of the top 10 entirely for those who dont. Sampras could be for those who have high regard for fast court record and subjective views on peak level of play worth on faster courts. Tilden could be as well for some I suppose. That would be it.
Nadal/Agassi, Even if one does not value longevity, he or she can hardly omit Rosewall from the top ten. Muscles keeps too many records to be omitted. I just mention most majors won, most majors won in a row (9) among others.
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