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Her competition is much weaker though. Federer is up against 2 all time greats in their own right (I expect Djokovic to bag around 9 majors or so) and an extremely talented player in Andy Murray (who honestly probably should have the career of someone like Boris Becker, just unlucky that he is playing against such monsters).
Although I cant stand her Sharapova will probably end up with about 7 majors and be regarded as an all time great, on par or above Venus and Henin due to her career Slam. Azarenka will probably end up with 5 or 6 and be regarded a borderline all time great atleast. Not neccessarily far behind Djokovic's eventual standing in the mens games, and likely well above Murray's when all are said and done.

Even evaluating all as currently are Sharapova has won 4 majors and has the Career Slam, Djokovic has won 5 and doesnt have the Career Slam. Azarenka is a slam winner and year end #1, and was within a whisker of her 2nd slam in the same year. Murray is a slam winner who has never reached #1. I dont see the edge, unless you consider Nadal who apart from the early slow hard court season was an irrelevance to Federer this year (they didnt play on clay, then Nadal was AWOL the remainder). Anyway if you believe most of this forum Nadal is washed up off of clay (possibly true when he hasnt won a non clay title since 2010 now) and Federer is probably washed up on clay, so they barely co exist anymore.

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