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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
You could either adjust the comparison for the AO by speculating, or make no adjustment at all and simply compare Nadal and Borg according to their titles as they stand.

Either way Borg comes out with a lead.
If you removed the AO and assumed that Nadal focus on other smaller tournament instead, there's no way he could have won as much title as Borg, because not only he can play 1 event to replace AO, but we all know it's much more difficult to rack up title today. There are 4 slams, 9 MS and WTF in a year. That's 14 tournaments that are very competitive and difficult to win. And Nadal can only play 20 tournaments a year, which leaves him only a few mickey mouse tournaments. Borg's 77 titles is not better than Nadal 50 titles. Sorry, not everything carry the same weight.
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