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Like I said Nadal and Federer practically dont co exist anymore. Nadal seems washed up outside of clay, not even having a tournament on a non clay event since 2010 now (soon to be 3 years). Federer was never a threat to Nadal on clay, and is even less of one now. This year they played twice early on the year on slow hard courts, each winning one, never again after March, and Nadal did not play any tennis after June, so he can barely even really be counted as Federer's competition this year. Either way overall Serena 2012 >>>>>>> Nadal 2012 (even ignoring the fact Serena produced that at 31), and Djokovic, Murray, Azarenka, Sharapova, Federer in 2012 all > Nadal in 2012 as well. Sharapova and Azarenka are who Serena predominantly faced, Djokovic and Murray who Federer predominantly faced, and at this point Sharapova is on a level with Djokovic, and Azarenka on one with Murray, if you are comparing their careers and places amongst their gender in history.

If Sharapova ends up with 7 or 8 slams (probably a good guess) and Djokovic ends up with 8 or 9 (probably a good guess) their places in history per their genders will be about the same, especialy if Djokovic never gets the Career Slam which Maria managed. Azarenka probably has an even better chance to win 4 slams or more than Murray does.

Serena btw was ranked #14 before her last 2 slam wins, Olympic Gold, and WTA Championship, all at 31. Looking at the list of names I would already be certain she is atleast risen to #10 now if they redid the list. Serena's career is likely only going to keep getting better and Nadal's has probably already virtually ended. It is likely Serena will not be behind Nadal on any list in a year or twos times, and I am just as big or bigger a Nadal fan as I am a Serena fan but that is reality. Also regardless of the Tennis Channel list many by the U.S Open were starting to talk about Serena as the best female player in history, something that nobody says or ever will say about Nadal when it comes to the men.

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