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Default Greetings

Hey guys.

Just a quickie to say hello. I've been a voracious reader of the TTW boards for about 18 months, but this is my first post.

Have been a fan of tennis for about six years now, but the last 18 months is when I've really started intensely following the ATP tour week to week. I think this transition was enabled, in large part, by access to the history, insight and range of opinions shared by the TTW community at large. So my first act as a poster ought to be one of gratitude and acknowledgement to everyone.

I've come to know and respect a number of you in the last year and a half. This is the internet guys, and you all knew that when you started posting. So it should only sound moderately creepy if I say in some cases I even think of you as friends: Batz, McEnroeisanartist, Mustard, Towser come to mind, in no particular order.

Anyway I live in the UK, am studying for a PhD in Economics. My allegiance is to the guy with the elegant strokes. (As a greater man than I once said in a greater thread than I will ever create.) My first sporting passion in life was test cricket, but at various times I have also closely followed baseball and American football.

So yeah, that's that. See you guys around.
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