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Like I said Sharapova has 4 slams and the Career Slam. Djokovic has 5 slams and no Career Slam. Unless you dispute the worth of a Career Slam, that is approximately equal. Many would take 4 slams and a Career Slam over 5 and no Career Slam in fact. Now there are other factors to consider of course. However one cant say Sharapova wasnt consistent for many years too. From 2004 to 2008 in slams:

2004 Wimbledon- win
2004 U.S Open- 3rd round
2005 Australian Open- semis (lost to eventual winner after 3 match points)
2005 French Open- quarters (lost to eventual winner in eventual winners closest match of last 3 rounds)
2005 Wimbledon- semis (lost to eventual winner)
2005 U.S Open- semis (lost to eventual winner)
2006 Australian Open- semis
2006 French Open- round of 16 (lost to Safina one of best clay courters of era, after having match point)
2006 Wimbledon- semis (lost to eventual winner)
2006 U.S Open- win
2007 Australian Open- finalist
2007 French Open- semis
2007 Wimbledon- 4th round (lost to eventual winner and 5 time Wimbledon winner)
2007 U.S Open- 3rd round
2008 Australian Open- win
2008 French Open- 4th round (lost to eventual finalist Safina, for second time at RG after having match point ironically)

Then the long injury period where she was either not playing or unable to play at her normal level cost her about 3 years. Since then:

2011 French Open- semis (lost to eventual winner)
2011 Wimbledon- finalist
2011 U.S Open- 4th round
2012 Australian Open- finalist
2012 French Open- win
2012 Wimbledon- 4th round
2012 U.S Open- win

Also her results at the WTA YEC and Olympics:

2004- win
2005- semis
2006- semis (lost to eventual winner)
2007- finalist
2011- RR exit
2012- finalist
2012 Olympics- finalist

So Sharapova herself was extremely consistent for many many years, in addition to producing big wins she was constantly a factor. The WTA from 2004-2008 was extremely strong, unlike today btw, and Sharapova still won 3 majors, a YEC, and contended to win and made it deep in almost every slam she played even against that field. A myth some people seem to have is this is Sharapova's best ever tennis we see before us now, and it is barely enough to win the very odd slam vs a really weak field. Neither is the case, Maria in fact was a much better tennis player before all her shoulder problems in 2008 (started in early 2007 in fact), and was winning big and always right at the top even when womens tennis was at its height with Serena, Henin, Venus, Davenport, Clijsters, Mauresmo, Sharapova herself, and others all going strong. That (the field of 2004-2008 I am referring to) is overall a much stronger field than the mens field today which is a strong 3 or 4 and nothing after that, and Sharapova had most of her career greatness and almost all her major titles vs that formidable 2004-2008 field. Lets also remember we have an old Federer and a clearly fading Nadal who was partly inactive this year, and still an until recently slamless Murray making up that so called dream group that people are trying to hype up as such a historic top 4. The one big thing Djokovic has over Sharapova is his 2011 year. Sharapova never had a year anything like that.

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