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Default Sanchez Vicario the biggest beneficiary of Seles stabbing

Many seem to think Graf is the biggest beneficiary of the Seles stabbing. I dont think she is. She definitely is a beneficiary but she "might" have done enough to still be considered the female GOAT even without it (say 19 slams, 7 Wimbledons, 4 at all the others). At worst she would be cut down to 15 or 16 slams and be #4 or #5 all time today.

The biggest beneficiary is definitely Sanchez Vicario. Likely to have remained a 1 slam wonder forever and have a moderate # (perhaps say 5 or 6, she had 3 at the time of the stabbing) of slam finals, she now is a 4 time slam winner and compared to the likes of Mandilikova, Hingis, Davenport, and Clijsters. Defintely inflated to what her career would have been. She is also now seen as being in a much higher league than people like Sabatini and Novotna who she would otherwise probably be viewed as simply at the same level as.
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