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He does have a pp stance, but he's not pictured here. Great coil, and very fast shoulder over shoulder rotation. Extremely fast uncoil. The truth is, the most bang for any buck is the serve, that is, for those who want to play matches, if you develop a deadly serve, you will be able to pull out tight matches not otherwise winnable. When Sampras practiced, he just hit a lot of aces against his sparring partners.

EVery match I ever played was obvious why I won or lost: serving. Either they could return my second or not, either they could break me or not. I always break some. But it was always my serve that determined win/loss. If that's so obvious, then why are not there more interested in that one shot?

These oh shots are particularly deserving of attention. They show just how much the coil depends on turning sideways and bending over so the hip is protruding out, and just how much the arm coils towards the baseline.

Pitchers take arm coil way farther than servers do. They coil everything more, and still throw 100mph with no lever arm. If servers coiled as much, they'd hit 150mph.

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