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Originally Posted by Hominator View Post
I'll add that I've had TE on and off, to the severity where I've had to take a break from tennis for a couple months a year or so ago.

The Dunlop F 3.0 Tour gives me no problems with my arm whatsoever. The feel on contact has little shock. Contact feels similar to a Pro Kennex Kinetic 5G - very clean and uniform with no flutter in the hoop at all.
Same here, I had to take 6 months off a year ago but my elbow still feels tender sometimes.

I've been playing with the PK 7g for 10 years. In the demo box along with the F3.0 Tour is a PK KI5 315 and Yonex RDIS 200. Hitting with all these yesterday, the F3.0 Tour was the least comfy for me.

That said, it felt like I was getting easy pace with the F3.0 and volleys felt really solid, even on reaction volleys to a hard drive or when the volley was made below the net at an angle to the racquet face. This would be a good doubles stick for me if my elbow weren't so picky.
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