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[QUOTE=sundaypunch;7029418]What you fail to realize is that people aren't against changing HS tennis. They just think that your version of change will make things worse. You might find a few people that agree with you but your proposal isn't going to be well received by players, parents or fans of HS tennis.

You do get credit for being persistent though.
Persistence is a key to making change.

You offer no solutions only your opinion about what players, parents and fans think. I have taught hundreds of high school players and the top 1/2 of varsity would definitely be behind this change. The lower half would be against it, but most would work harder to try to make varsity, and everyone else is participating to participate. The parents will follow the kids' opinions.

If all other sports copy the college format, why does tennis coninue to create it's own version of what team tennis should be played like. College tennis is outstanding and high school should try to mimic it as much as possible.
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