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I think that Alonso is still the best driver...followed by Vettel , Raikkonen and Hamilton
Same as me. I do think the last 2 years Vettel was the best driver though, and even this year I still think he is the 2nd best. So to people like Peters who ask if I have changed my mind on anything, not really. I definitely stand by all my past opinions.

I know some Hamilton homers say he is the best or atleast better than Vettel yet he struggles to stay ahead of Button in the same car, and in fact last year was well beaten by Button in points. Sorry he is not the best, if he had Alonso or Vettel as a teammate naturally he would be well behind in points, if someone like Button was leading him in season points at times each of their 3 season together, and did the entire season last year, unless someone is going to seriously argue Button is better than either of them, lol! On his day he can be faster than anyone but he is erratic as heck and makes tons of driving errors and car management errors.
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