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Originally Posted by robow7 View Post
I'm sure this would have been an entertaining match up to see both lefties near their prime, Mac with the temper vs Rod so focused like a rock, but both could be such artists with their athletic skills and shot making ability. On clay you have to give the edge to Laver but on grass or fast hard court, who do you think would prevail.
The McEnroe of 1984 would give Laver problems on any surface.

I suppose if we break it down I would give the edge to McEnroe on serve but Laver also had an excellent serve. McEnroe may have a slight edge on the volley but it's very close. Laver is faster and more powerful off both wings. I think Laver had a better return but McEnroe wasn't exactly bad off the return.

I suppose I would give the edge overall to Laver but it's not like anyone in history could bad John McEnroe in his prime all the time.
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