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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Jr, all this make you feel better about yourself and not a single reasonable fact. ....

Now, don't get too emotional about this stupid thread, kid. No need to bang on your keyboard early Saturday morning speculating what kind of pajamas I wear.
Life is much more than doing one thing for 20 years. You should experience some other things
You, sir, are simply hilarious. You calling others egotistical shows an astonishing lack of self-awareness. I hope this continues as it is highly amusing, even if otherwise pointless.

Calling people kid... as you've done many times before is also laughable. It's a sort of ham-fisted attempt at an insult but doesn't come off. Maybe it's a European language crossover thing letting you down or some hick middle-America thing you picked up - either way it's neither here nor there in terms of results. The intent is noted though as (yet) another demonstration of the sort of person you are to deal with.

Nothing I posted was done to make me feel better about myself - it's to see how you fly off the handle when people don't agree with you.

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