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Originally Posted by Alohajrtennis View Post
Why is "instead of" ? Are the players whose parents are "whiners" not practicing hard too ? How do you know that ? Can't they do both ? Why is that people who object to USTA changes are whiners ? Because we don't accept everything the USTA says as if were handed down from Mt. Zion? So, if the USTA follows Wayne Bryan's principles to the logical extreme and makes the national tournament a 17 player tournament, 1 player from each section, you would be cool with that ?

By the way, good for you that he lives in Florida and has plenty of good players near his home. Not everyone is so fortunate. Instead of insulting people, why not take some time to understand the complexity of the issues.

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OK, I don't agree with everything the USTA does or doesn't do, but I do think the 128 draws at National Championships are better and I deeply agree that players should qualify from their home Section. I would very much like to see that 17 player tournament. I think it would be very exciting to have each Section's Champion compete together. No wild cards, no ranking needed to get in - just the winners of each Section's Championship. There would be some pressure-filled matches.

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