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Originally Posted by Amelie Mauresmo View Post
I don't understand the sexist comments about Maria Sharapova wanting to get into acting? Maria can definitely become an actress after her tennis career ends she certainly has connections in Hollywood. If Maria is serious about acting she should consider taking some acting lessons. Maria is certainly young enough still to make it in Hollywood.
As an ENTP reminiscent of Taylor Swift to me in sweet barbarian loin cloth...she *had* great potential to make it an actress/entertainer. Unfortunately, to me...I think that ship sailed when she grew too much. I saw her live at 17ish, reallll close (you know how my eyes do, like telescopes)...and honestly, she don't look quite the same to me. She's still highly feminized, but something in the way of her 'natural' charm if you will, kind of feeling, it just changed for me a short while along the way. Honestly, her face was prettier then, her bone structure just "felt" more dainty if you will; if she had decided to make that her "life's pursuit," @ that time, made that decision...who knows? But it would have been incredibly stupid Cupid too.

My friend laughed at her then, saying yeah, right, this beautiful womanly flower looking thing can beat a Williams sister? ...she hits like a powderpuff! ...but then, lo and behold, shortly thereafter, she grew a lot at an age when I've never known any other girl to, and her face honestly, it seeemed "model pure" before, but now no more. I remember the "old" Maria, and she was more beautiful for sure then. The difference wasn't night and day, or anything; but it certainly felt 'inexplicable' to me.

She whomped on a Williams sister in a Wimbledon final I believe. No more powderpuff! girls groundie impression, but also still not how I believe she would have turned out had she been stupid and looking to get into acting then, right from the start.

Honestly, just even think about how awkardly tall Cindy Crawford looked when she guest-starred on that fine show, "Wizards of Waverly Place."

I once saw Rick Fox (ENFP) act, he came to LA to pursue acting for much less during the "prime" of his career.

In a way it worked, he got Vanessa Williams, but then cheated on her...hey, don't blame him and his adonis good looks, and charm, honestly he's a pretty good nice guy, just that we all get a little horny-toot-toot! sometimes. Oh, yes, totally, too true, too true.

And yeah, point is, I'm still an unabashed fan of Rick Fox, even though I still think Doug Christie got the best of him (hey, don't mess with those girly INFP's...there's a lot of stored dimentia conviction in there, and what's "it's on," all bets are off, they "lose it" and have no problems with the thought of going to the death, and will make you feel like a peesy almost certainly)...but, anywho, yeah, anyway....

Rick Fox, was a decent actor, still is. Has the looks and the charisma, BUT I once saw him act, and he was as tall as the door! It was very ackward! no matter how you tried to dissect the scene. He was smiling, beautifully, like a Jessica Simpson movie star, only more manly...but the leading ladies and dudes in the room were like making love out of nothing at all to his navel.

It just felt..."staged," and truth be told, if he wasn't playing for the Lakers, I don't know if he would have got that semi-reoccuring role.

It wasn't that he couldn't...but you know, that's just how it is. If the dude wanted to be an actor, then he should have joined a female gymnasts team as a youth instead. They would have sure starved him to death preparing him for the lean years ahead, and he'd only be about, have grown to, what 6' at most. Maybe 6'2"...beyond that, and a male actor begins to lose versatility. They're not in that "sweet spot," to co-mingle and habitate with many different leading many as humanly possible.

Just the way it is. There are certain ranges of what is considered "acceptable" height, like we can work with that you, apple boxes, etc. to make up the difference, to taste...but 6'2-3" for a woman, and 6'7"-8" for a man, is just beginning to love on a different planet from everyone else. Everywhere in the REAL world, people is going to notice, and immediately ask if you play basketball, volleyball, or female woman's professional tennis. It just is what it is.

Truth be told, many ENTP's especially have, feel this, deep down urge or 'need' if you will to explore the possibilities, to be that shining "star." It's quite common no matter what Maria says in interviews about being such a "home body." The innate itch is still gonna be there, it just is what it is. But honestly, if she decided to use her clout to "force" her way into a Hollywood movie, to make it happen...I hope she'd stop to think about all those other thousands upon thousands of struggling actresses (they say, something like 10,000 people or something come to LA every millienia to try and "make it" in entertainment, by comparison Harvard anything, the odds are astronomically stacked against, like nothing else, nothing requires more time and money for nothing, when only about 500 movies a year in the US will ever sniff one cent of profit...think about that for a second, what is the reality, what are the odds of throwing your life away for nothing, absolutely nothing, if you're not *agreessive*).

Honestly, I know Taylor Swift despite her nice girl image, wants to be the center of attention of everything...she keeps it in check, now just think if she *didn't* believe in you know who, the big dud that can drop flower bombs upstairs, whenever he wants?

Because, truth be told, if she came along and decided to take away *my role,* I'd be pretty insulted and peeesssed. If I were that "ideal," 5'4"-5'7" actress...with soooo many others in the same boat, ALL the most local legend, "beautiful" from wherever they first hailed...honestly, it would really bug me. NOW, if the role actually *suited* her, I mean *genuinely* suited her...that is to say, actually called for someone that tall? You know what? *Fair game,* no problem...but there's just soooo many, whom desperate for *one* "breakout" rule, will take their clothes off and everything, even if they don't necessarily deep down want to...just is what it is. It makes all the difference. I honestly feel bad for all those midget actresses wishing for even just one "starring" role, who she'd intimidate, and *skip ahead of* everyone in that line, who've been slaving away, and working just as hard as her to "make it" all those youthful, sexy years lost by the wayside...the smart ones, however, of course have a nice house to go home to still...which makes it not so bad, not as bad as for the man.

It takes so little to impress them, it's really sad...soooooo many lives lost, the ones who don't come from great families, it's really sad. *Everything* takes untold time and money, time and money, *plus* you're soul...which is what is the great monkey wrench in it all. As much as anything else, if only the soul didn't need love along the way too...

...Maria, you've got Sasha, or used to...isn't that enough for you? Why, why? Does so many ENTP's always have a need for more, and more, and more...why do they have to desire the whole lemon drop sun? Eh, just is what it is. She wouldn't be Maria if she weren't, it's just a matter of control...and what's really best for most in the end. Only she can honestly answer that for herself.

As far as the Rock goes? I totally THAT man was BORN to entertain, and NOT as a professional footbal player. He is truly a BLESSING to this world, he's got a biiiiG heart, you can just tell. Yeah, he's really special. Honestly, that kind *charisma* is exceedingly rare. I think he's probably an ENTP, *but* the difference is, that despite his over the top height...*honestly,* that man was just BORN to entertain. He's sooo charismatic, that you make that exception.... Say what you will, but only *two* people held your attention whenver all of those dudes was on the screen in Top Gun, *two* stars and the rest were? To be honest, replaceable. Same lines can be said, but not everyone was born to magnetize. You either have it, or you don't. And honestly, I think this is where ENTP's struggle...when they don't, they don't seem to realize it or care. Feel like as long as they still go after it with gung ho, they're still entitled too...but the difference is, if the Rock didn't "go after it," to me, that'd almost be like a crime against humanity. Because, he was too rare to just slip through the cracks. The man truly electrifies on the mic, you *can't* teach that. He gets "pops," sizzles, and cracks from the crowd...based on that. It is what it is. Plus, he's got a good heart too. He was really raised well. I like that guy. I would be his valet, if he asked me too. "Valet, not! Valentine!" that's what I'd say. One time this guy hit on me at Ikea, and it was very, sheesh, that's very know, right...? You know, right...? Umm...hoom...very weird, I always kinda thought of myself as a total stud in the mold of Ricky Martin/Berry Bonds...and who would ever mistake me for someone else?

Anyway, yeah...was weird. But don't really know if it necessarily made me feel "funny" inside or anything, just yeah.
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