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Maria is a tall woman this is true but being an actress is more than just how you look. Maria can still have a career in Hollywood she's young enough to certainly consider it and try if she is serious about it. There are tons of actresses in Hollywood with solid careers who are not considered beautiful or are considered not to have the right look. Look at Gabourey Sibide, the girl from the movie Precious people said she would never make it in Hollywood because of her weight but she's consistently working. So, if Maria wants to become an actress I definitely think she has a chance she has the connections in Hollywood to make it happen. And honestly, that's the first hurdle, it is hard to break into Hollywood without connections. Of course, there are talented people who prove otherwise but if you got connections you are a step ahead of the competition and Maria's got that. Maria is good friends with the actress Camille Belle so she's already got a good friend who is a working actress. Next, Maria's agent probably has connections with the powerful Hollywood agencies which means she probably can get auditions. And just getting auditions for Hollywood films or television is not easy. I can see Maria on 90210 or one of those CW shows for sure like Gossip Girl although that show is ending I think sometime next year.

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