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Originally Posted by v-verb View Post
Very welcome - I just used what Tennusdude said and googled.

I'm going to give it a try - as you said, doesn't matter what the pros do - just whether it works for your game.

I'm going back to old racquets - Prince Graphites (POGs). Don't think any Pros are using them anymore but really I don't care
Well I got my Prince Boron (only in OS) and POG mid back from the stringer today - RPM Team 17 ga in each. I asked for 40 lbs in the Boron and 38 in the POG.

So I got Racquet Tune (assuming it's accurate) and measured. 50 lbs for the POG (12 lbs more than I asked) and 61.4 lbs for the Boron (18.6 lbs more than I requested). I guess the Stringer thought he knew best

And he broke a couple more grommets on the bottom (2 were already broken) and scratched the frame a little on the Boron. Oy vey....

Next stringing I'll have to find someone else.

So... the low tension experiment is on hold for me for the time being, unless the tension lowers over time.
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