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Thanks again for all the advise guys.

I played against the lefty today. I had an absolute blast. It was a great match. I lost 4-6 3-6 but I felt that I played very well. I just came across a better player. His BH was definitely the weaker wing. I won many points going there. But more often than not, he controlled the points better than I did.

The first set kind of got away from me. I felt that I was the better player during the first set. I had around 6 breakpoints on 3 of his service games but he came up with some huge serves or great play on those points. He had 1 BP on my serve at 4-4 which he took with a ridiculous topspin lob on the run.

The second set he was by far the better player. I was just hanging in there. He stopped serving to my BH and started serving 90% of his serves to my FH. He realized that my BH return was far superior to my FH return. He also stayed away from hitting short angled FH CC shots to my BH side. I was hitting a lot of those for BH DTL winners. Instead he kept them deep until he got a nice opening to hit a winner to my FH side.

It was a very enjoyable match and I will definitely be playing him more often in the future to further improve my game.
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