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No problem, and only one thing to add: consider buying the best stringer you can afford. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a Klippermate, not at all. The thing about the lower-end models is they're more labor intensive. Some don't mind it, have strung on them for years. Others quickly tire of the effort involved, then purchase a model with more convenience features and regret not going to a higher-end model to begin with.

There are several schools of thoughts with purchasing a stringer for the first time. Some say buy a low-end inexpensive model to see if stringing is for you. Not a bad idea, except for the fact that the experience is completely different. I've strung on a Klipper, and for me, if that was first experience, I definitely wouldn't have enjoyed it lol. I would have continued of course, because the idea driving 40 min each way & paying good money to have it done was out of the question.

If you play long enough and don't turn into a string junkie you'll recoupe the money on your investment if you opt to drop several hundred on a machine. Again, there's nothing wrong with the low-end models; they'll definitely get the job done. It's just that the more features you have the more enjoyable the process.

I wish someone had convinced me to buy one years ago. It's one of the things I really regret. On the flip side, I'm glad I finally did. It's one of the better buys I've made in recent years.

Regardless of what you end up buying you'll love the convenience and cost savings of being able to have a fresh string job any time the mood hits ya.
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