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Default The Worst Losses of Your "Career"

Well, I had mine today and just wanted to commiserate with someone/some people.

I'm a 4.0. The guy I lost to today used to absolutely own me. He must have won the first 50 sets we played. About eight or nine months ago I started picking off sets here and there and then over the summer, picking off matches (best of out three; or if time was tight a mutually agreed 10-point TB in lieu of a third set). This summer I started playing 3-4 times a week as opposed to twice a week at the most for the previous two years. My fitness improved; I lost about eight pounds.

I had won 6 out of the last 9 matches we played in the last four months before today. I no longer expect to lose. I no longer am happy to get one set. So today. Won the first set 6-4. A war, per usual. Held in the first game of the second and then broke him. Stayed on serve for the rest of the set and I served for the match at 5-4. I was focused, pumped, and ready. Two service winners. Netted a fh, and then a third service winner to get to 40-15. And then the wheels came off. I honestly can't remember what happened at 40-15, but at 40-30 I double-faulted. I yelled, out loud, about being a huge choker, and then just fell apart. I lost the next two points, lsot the next game, somehow held at 5-6, and then lost the TB. I don't even remember the score (7-3?) I lost the 10-point TB 13-11 after having two more "match" points at 9-7.

But I felt like I was just going through the motions after I didn't finish that game off at 40-30. Has that ever happened to anybody? You keep playing but you're not really there, mentally, anymore?

Please don't write anything snarky or lame, especially if you're a former college player. Yes, I'm 4.0 rec player. I'd like to hear other stories or thoughts from other players of roughly my level.
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