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Originally Posted by boredone3456 View Post
Kriek...I have never really heard of him or the guy he beat in both of his major finals. I had to look him up because I could not even recall his first name off hand. The guy he beat in the finals was a nobody really to, except for beating J Mac in 1 final. In the jam packed 80's talent group...Kriek is like...nobody.
Kriek was very very talented.Strong and ultraquick, one of the fasstest and nimblest players that I have ever seen.

itīs true that his 2 AO wins were in a quite depleted field.But the guy has an excellent record on grass, indoor, hards and even reached a SF at his worst surface, the clay courts of Roland Garros.

reached the USO semis once and twice the QF, reached a FO sf, twice the Masters and Wimbledon QF, another sf and another QF at melbourne and a semi and a final at the WCT finals.You cannot do much better than that unless you are a Borg, a Lendl, a Connors or a Mc Enroe.

In any other era, with less competition, he may have won two more majors.he was a nut case, however, much like Mandlikova for the ladies.
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