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Ross, i'm really not a rackaholic in the true sense of the word because while i have lots of sticks, the majority of them are the older classics and not the latest releases. i dabbled w/ the APDC a while ago but let it go because it didn't feel like any of the old school sticks and quite honestly at the time, it didn't do anything more for my game and after hitting w/ alot of JGads' various demo sticks, none of which did anything more for my game, i had concluded that the indian was more important than the bow & arrows. sure some sticks did one thing or another better than the other sticks, but at the end of the day, it was generally a compromise. i had to give up something to get something. it wasn't until the new APD GT where i can see a noticeable difference in the performance pretty much across the board at the cost of some comfort that i'm now reconsidering my position. and if it wasn't for JGads' TGK, i would not even be mulling over the new APD GT. he just hits such a beastly ball w/ his godly stick that takes me out of my comfort zone with every stick except for the new APD GT. so to answer your question in a long, roundabout way, no, i have never considered the J100 and after checking the specs and seeing the stiffness rating of 72 , i don't think this stick is gonna agree w/ my shoulder or wrist.

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