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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Maybe it is that I am 10 years older and more experienced (in life) than you, or maybe that has nothing to do with the Euro language crossover or whatever you call it. Stop "Maybe this or that" guessing as I already pointed out to you -- you are a bad guesser and you do not "read" people well -- makes you sound like a fool...
I doubt you're a decade older than I. You're just just old before your time - one of those people who just can't help themselves but to assume a dominant, paternal, know-it-all position in discussions in the misguided thinking it somehow makes you an automatic expert on anything you care to open you mouth about.
Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
You are a kid for me that believes that a few years (certainly NOT 20) of something makes him an expert...

You are guessing in this thread as much as I am -- you may be right, or you may not be right...
Your know-it-all attitude knows no bounds. I am and have done everything I say I have. Your ongoing snide attempts at painting yourself as the person in the discussion with the only experience worthy of merit on the topic is laughable. Unless you say otherwise, from what I gather from your career related posts previously, you have no experience in consumer goods marketing. You are a sales rep who worked his way up the ladder. You happen to play and have an interest in tennis - it doesn't make you the expert on sponsorship, brand associations or marketing influence that you, in effect, claim to be.
Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
However, you still did not explain the Murray markething scheme from Adidas...
Horses for courses. They appear to have taken a punt on the wrong horse so far as results and the associated publicity that goes with it since Murray joined and Djokovic left their roster. That said, their investment in Murray is finally paying off.
Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
PS: Also, Junior, calling me a "Sir"... How do you know I am not a Ma'am?.
Because your name is Dan. Regardless, the phrase "You, Sir, are...." is not literal - it's a figure of speech. I'm guessing you knew this already and thought you were being smart. You seem to regularly mistake being smart with being smarmy.

Keep it up. The more of your Sunday you spend replying here the better imo.

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