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Bobby Jr and dr3251.
This has now turned into a personal ****ging match so no more constructive conversation to be had.
I would suggest you swap emails or telephone numbers and carry on this argument there.
You might actually find you like one another in conversation or personal email where it's harder to throw personal insults and you're not hidden behind a computer keyboard.
Bobby Jr you wrote that you worked in global branding. I'm curious to know what your experience was?
I own an outdoor billboard advertising company specialising mainly in the entertainments, events, arts, culture and fashion sector.
Most of my clients are local government, public notice, universities, festivals, theatre, venues and promoters, and we also run campaigns for Nike, Schuh, T in the Park and other major festivals, and major record company acts such as Oasis, Coldplay, Biffy Clyro, Snow Patrol, Emily Sandie etc.
Were you involved in the actual artistic design of the global brands and/or the marketing?
I love John Isner
Deal with it
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