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Mac really did toy with Lendl both in this final, and again in the Canadian Open final at Montreal one week later. He made a great player like Lendl look completely helpless on both occasions.

The tennis that Mac played in the summer of 1985 after his Wimbledon defeat to Curren and until the US Open against Lendl, was just as good as his 1984 standard. Breathtaking stuff.

The role reversal for Lendl was pretty funny. He trashed Connors badly in warm-up tournaments ahead of the 1982 and 1983 US Opens, only for Jimbo to beat him when it really mattered in those US Open finals.

However ahead of both 1984 RG and the 1985 USO, McEnroe had destroyed him twice in lead-up events (at Forest Hills and Dusseldorf in 1984). However on those occasions he was able to turn the tables on Mac and beat him when it really mattered in those major finals.
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