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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
Do you have the MRI report written by the imaging lab specialist? The MRI reports that I have read always contain a detailed check list of the conditions of most of the joint's structures. It is really necessary to locate the structure and its condition. Your Dr or the imaging lab will supply you with a copy.
Knee x-ray report.
Narrowing of knee joint joint and patellofemoral joint space is seen more so in the medial tibiofemur space.

Osteophytes seen from the condyles of tibia, femur and patellar margins.

Early osteoarthritis of both knee joints.

MRI Right knee

Osteoarthritic changes noted as evidenced by Marginal Osteophytes from the condyles of Tibia, Femur with mild narrowing of Knee Joint spaces and altered signal intensity.

Minimal fluid noted in the knee joint and suprapatellar bursal spaces appearing hyperintense on T2, PDFS and hypointense on T1W sequences.

No synovial hypertrophy.

ACL and PCL are normal in size and alignment, however minimum irregularity and signal changes noted at the margins.

Lateral menisci is normal in size, shape and signal intensity.

Medial and lateral collateral ligaments are normal.

Muscles, Tendons and Neuro Vascular Structures around the knee joint are normal.

Patella and Patello Femoral Articulations are normal.

Hoffa's Fat Pad is normal.

Posterior horn of the Medial meniscus show small focus of altered signal intensity extending up to Capsular surface and it appears Iso to hyperintense on all sequences.


Osteoarthritic changes of knee joint.

Grade II degeneration involving the posterior horn of medial meniscus.

Minimal knee joint effusion.

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