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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
@ mad dog

So much of what you day MD is precisely why I've liked the APD Original for so long. A unique frame from the b-line. But just to play devil's advocate for a second, ever considered the Juice 100? For me it's (as has been said before) like a cross between the APD and PD.

It hits a similarish basic topspin g/stroke to the Aero (okay, maybe I slightly prefer the APD here, but I prefer the APD to everything in this very particular regard!) - I'd say the J hits more of a stinging ball, whereas the APD hits more of a booming blasting ball. Whatever. For trajectory/loop I find it marginally APD>J100>with PD a way behind these 2. I do think J has better control and accuracy, plus the spin is at least equal to APD. In terms specifically of responsiveness, I find it also better than the Aeropro, equal to PD (this is one area I really thought the PD 2012 shone) - coming in off the backcourt a bit, hitting more angles, nailing winners I'd say Juice/PD tied, APD a bit behind.

It serves, for me, more effectively than the APD (never could quite find my groove with the APD in this dept), and is close up there with the PD (a frame I rank just about at the top for serving). Still formulating serve impressions. Great pop and action.

In my recent dallying with the PD 2012, I found it still to be ultimately a bit jarring and uncomfortable. The Juice 100 however, seems just a bit softer, a bit plusher, the vibes are filtered out a bit better. I found the PD to be to be very solid, a very solid hammer of a frame. But that undoubted solidness doesn't take away from the jarring impact. Feel-wise then, J is softer than the PD, a tad stiffer than my APD Originals. There's also a certain crisp quality that I'm liking more and more. Yes, it's still a tweener absolutely, but the Juice has a bit more of that feeling of 'body' or support or whatever, as with, say, a PST - I think the PWS has something to do with this perception.

Another thing (PED mentioned this recently): the J100 swings very, very fast, faster than the APD Original. It really tears into the ball. I felt the PD also swung mega-quick. Obviously SW/static weight being lowish on these racs has a lot of bearing.

It is also (especially with one of the lead set ups I was looking at last week) surprisingly good for more all court, up in the air stuff - and I'm talking to the extent a reg. hitting partner commented on Friday during a particular drill, he'd never seen me get back so many volleys before... FWIW I've also noted a better conversion rate re droppers with the J (I say "FWIW" as all court isn't really my game).

Anyhow, you get the picture. As was said to me for ages by TTers, if you like the APD, it's seriously worth consideing the J100.
So the J100 did the impossible and topped your APD? Thats awesome. I'm due for a change soon as well. APDGT plays great at the b-line but I've just never felt so disconnected at the net. PDR, 100s, & J100 are still the ones to beat, now I just have to check out the 99s, Extreme 2.0 Pro, and I guess the old BLX Blade & APD2012. I wonder if a new J100 is around the corner.

Ross, do you know any tricky players who hit shots like skidding slices, varying spin and depth, etc., that throw off your timing, the kind of player that you have to be at your best in terms of control to play well against? That's always been a good self-test for me when considering a racket switch.

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