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I don't know the age of the juniors which is being discussed. If they are 12 years old and struggling to get to train every week, there is something seriously wrong with the planning and most probably they won't last in the sport at that rate for another 10 years. Anyway, I think the key is having a better training schedule. Every week does not have to be a hard training week. Every 3rd week or 4th week can be a easy training week and instead of usual 1 or 2 day rest, that rest week can contain 3 days rest and very easy sessions the other days of training. And I think this thing of 10,000 hours really does not make sense at all. Even if 10,000 hours concept is really true, it matters a lot what you do in those 10,000 hours. Anyway conclusion, better planning, frequent rests and keep evaluating your program every couple of weeks. This idea of keep going hard day after day, week after week and hopefully it will all work out is a bad idea and chances are usually it won’t. If the player is craving for a break that badly, I seriously doubt what they can learn and improve when they are so tired. The key is never to get the player to that situation (especially younger players) where they are so tired and have a feeling their body is always exhausted. Don’t get me wrong, every session don’t expect the kid to be super keen but if every session the kid is complaining about being tired and mentally exhausted something is seriously wrong with the training / competition schedule.
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