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I am particularly wondering about the mri report:
Posterior horn of the Medial meniscus show small focus of altered signal intensity extending up to Capsular surface and it appears Iso to hyperintense on all sequences.
Does this indicate the size of the meniscal tear?

I am getting conflicting opinions on whether the tear will heal. One doctor has told me that the meniscal tear will heal . Another doctor has told me that the tear will not heal...

I have heard that meniscal tears close to the blood supply stand a better chance of healing, but I am not clear where the location of my tear is...

One doctor has recommended exploratory arthoascopic surgery. He said he will take a look inside and then make any necessary repairs or cleaning... I am not clear if the *entire* meniscus is worn out due to wear and tear, in which case the surgery results will not be as good... It sounds like the Doctor needs to take a look inside to see the condition because the MRI does not give the complete picture?

Other advice from Doctors:

Strengthen the quadracepp.

Hamstrings are too tight. The range of motion is too narrow...Do exercise to loosen them.
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