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How do you define "all-time great?" All those quotes you give seem to be people that are using extreme hyperbole to pump him up, and as such are not giving a completely honest opinion. This is one of those threads that could turn into "but Rod Laver et al said it so it must be true." It's at this point that I'd stop taking former players opinions like the bible like a lot of people around here seem to do. There are levels to this sort of thing IMO. The top level consists of guys like Laver, Nadal, Borg, Sampras and Federer. I would put Djokovic a level (or two) below them for now obviously. So if you only consider the highest of the high all time greats then no Djokovic is not an all time great. This is my opinion as well. He's obviously an accomplished player, but 5 slams (and no career slam) as yet leads me to say no.

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