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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Btw, the Murray explanation I am waiting on is - how come when he was with F Perry and #4, raising star, he wore Adidas and Nike, as he wanted (mainly Adidas).
This tells me that a high ranked, highly marketable tennis star was not sponsored by Adidas. How is that possible??
Why is he so different than Djokovic, oscillating between #1 and #2??
Or, why is he different from Kei??
Because he was, as you say, a rising star. Rising stars are nothing compared to stars. Once Federer and Nadal were made complete lock-outs so far as clothing/shoe sponsorship goes the next rung down were a dime a dozen punts - most of which haven't paid off. The companies entering into these arrangements know most deals wont pay off in a huge way but it's the cost of business they have to pay if they want to snare the next big thing which also includes an element of keeping them out of their competition's hands also. Once Murray had some level of success I imagine he got other offers, or just the one, that Fred Perry simply couldn't match (or, in the least, justify in their budget).

Murray was a particularly special case - which ANYONE with any marketing nous could tell you regardless of his results. He was the UK's next big hope.... that made him more valuable for a sponsor than anyone from a backwater European country.

Nishikori, again, it a special case. He's Japan's only (male) tennis player of any note for 15-odd years. That means something, especially in such an insular country as Japan with a huge and unique domestic market. There is no doubt at all that he is paid to wear Adidas shoes. The Uniqlo stores have Adidas shoes on display in the tennis-wear section and on the posters. That is not by any random chance or the result of some free product.

So far as the Murray wearing Nike shoes thing goes, that's neither here nor there - nothing more to it than him requiring specific traits in a shoe for those tournaments. And, more specifically, it's of zero significance in the whole Djokovic wearing Adidas scenario.

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